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Octave_map Class Reference

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Public Types

typedef std::map< std::string,
Cell >::const_iterator 
typedef std::map< std::string,
Cell >::iterator 

Public Member Functions

Octave_mapassign (const octave_value_list &idx, const Octave_map &rhs)
Octave_mapassign (const octave_value_list &idx, const std::string &k, const Cell &rhs)
Octave_mapassign (const std::string &k, const octave_value &rhs)
Octave_mapassign (const std::string &k, const Cell &rhs)
iterator begin (void)
const_iterator begin (void) const
void clear (void)
int columns (void) const
Octave_map concat (const Octave_map &rb, const Array< int > &ra_idx)
bool contains (const std::string &k) const
Cellcontents (const std::string &k)
Cell contents (const std::string &k) const
Cellcontents (const_iterator p)
Cell contents (const_iterator p) const
void del (const std::string &k)
dim_vector dims (void) const
int empty (void) const
iterator end (void)
const_iterator end (void) const
Octave_map index (const octave_value_list &idx)
int intfield (const std::string &k, int def_val=0) const
std::string key (const_iterator p) const
string_vector keys (void) const
int length (void) const
int ndims (void) const
int numel (void) const
 Octave_map (const Octave_map &m)
 Octave_map (const std::string &k, const Cell &vals)
 Octave_map (const std::string &k, const octave_value_list &val_list)
 Octave_map (const std::string &k, const octave_value &value)
 Octave_map (const dim_vector &dv=dim_vector(0, 0))
Octave_mapoperator= (const Octave_map &m)
Octave_map reshape (const dim_vector &new_dims) const
Octave_map resize (const dim_vector &dv) const
int rows (void) const
iterator seek (const std::string &k)
const_iterator seek (const std::string &k) const
std::string stringfield (const std::string &k, const std::string &def_val=std::string()) const

Private Attributes

dim_vector dimensions
std::map< std::string, Cellmap

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file oct-map.h.

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