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octave_value Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  all_va_args { all_va_args_t }
enum  assign_op {
  op_asn_eq, op_add_eq, op_sub_eq, op_mul_eq,
  op_div_eq, op_ldiv_eq, op_pow_eq, op_lshift_eq,
  op_rshift_eq, op_el_mul_eq, op_el_div_eq, op_el_ldiv_eq,
  op_el_pow_eq, op_el_and_eq, op_el_or_eq, num_assign_ops,
enum  binary_op {
  op_add, op_sub, op_mul, op_div,
  op_pow, op_ldiv, op_lshift, op_rshift,
  op_lt, op_le, op_eq, op_ge,
  op_gt, op_ne, op_el_mul, op_el_div,
  op_el_pow, op_el_ldiv, op_el_and, op_el_or,
  op_struct_ref, num_binary_ops, unknown_binary_op
enum  magic_colon { magic_colon_t }
enum  unary_op {
  op_not, op_uplus, op_uminus, op_transpose,
  op_hermitian, op_incr, op_decr, num_unary_ops,

Public Member Functions

virtual octave_value all (int dim=0) const
virtual string_vector all_strings (bool pad=false, bool force=false) const
virtual octave_value any (int dim=0) const
virtual NDArray array_value (bool frc_str_conv=false) const
const octave_valueassign (assign_op, const octave_value &rhs)
octave_value assign (assign_op op, const std::string &type, const std::list< octave_value_list > &idx, const octave_value &rhs)
virtual boolNDArray bool_array_value (void) const
virtual boolMatrix bool_matrix_value (void) const
virtual bool bool_value (void) const
virtual size_t byte_size (void) const
virtual Cell cell_value (void) const
virtual charNDArray char_array_value (bool frc_str_conv=false) const
virtual charMatrix char_matrix_value (bool frc_str_conv=false) const
virtual std::string class_name (void) const
virtual octave_valueclone (void) const
ColumnVector column_vector_value (bool frc_str_conv=false, bool frc_vec_conv=false) const
int columns (void) const
virtual ComplexNDArray complex_array_value (bool frc_str_conv=false) const
ComplexColumnVector complex_column_vector_value (bool frc_str_conv=false, bool frc_vec_conv=false) const
virtual ComplexMatrix complex_matrix_value (bool frc_str_conv=false) const
ComplexRowVector complex_row_vector_value (bool frc_str_conv=false, bool frc_vec_conv=false) const
virtual Complex complex_value (bool frc_str_conv=false) const
Array< Complex > complex_vector_value (bool frc_str_conv=false, bool frc_vec_conv=false) const
virtual void convert_to_row_or_column_vector (void)
octave_value convert_to_str (bool pad=false, bool force=false) const
virtual octave_value convert_to_str_internal (bool pad, bool force) const
virtual dim_vector dims (void) const
octave_value do_index_op (const octave_value_list &idx)
virtual octave_value do_index_op (const octave_value_list &idx, int resize_ok)
virtual octave_value_list do_multi_index_op (int nargout, const octave_value_list &idx)
const octave_valuedo_non_const_unary_op (unary_op op)
void do_non_const_unary_op (unary_op op, const octave_value_list &idx)
octave_value do_non_const_unary_op (unary_op op, const std::string &type, const std::list< octave_value_list > &idx)
virtual double double_value (bool frc_str_conv=false) const
virtual octave_valueempty_clone (void) const
octave_value eval (void)
virtual octave_fcn_handlefcn_handle_value (bool silent=false)
virtual octave_fcn_inlinefcn_inline_value (bool silent=false)
virtual octave_functionfunction_value (bool silent=false)
int get_count (void) const
const octave_valueget_rep (void) const
virtual idx_vector index_vector (void) const
virtual int16NDArray int16_array_value (void) const
virtual octave_int16 int16_scalar_value (void) const
virtual int32NDArray int32_array_value (void) const
virtual octave_int32 int32_scalar_value (void) const
virtual int64NDArray int64_array_value (void) const
virtual octave_int64 int64_scalar_value (void) const
virtual int8NDArray int8_array_value (void) const
virtual octave_int8 int8_scalar_value (void) const
virtual int int_value (bool req_int=false, bool frc_str_conv=false) const
Array< int > int_vector_value (bool req_int=false, bool frc_str_conv=false, bool frc_vec_conv=false) const
octave_valueinternal_rep (void) const
octave_value ipermute (const Array< int > &vec) const
virtual bool is_all_va_args (void) const
virtual bool is_bool_matrix (void) const
virtual bool is_bool_type (void) const
virtual bool is_builtin_function (void) const
virtual bool is_cell (void) const
virtual bool is_char_matrix (void) const
virtual bool is_complex_matrix (void) const
virtual bool is_complex_scalar (void) const
virtual bool is_complex_type (void) const
virtual bool is_constant (void) const
virtual bool is_cs_list (void) const
virtual bool is_defined (void) const
virtual bool is_dld_function (void) const
bool is_empty (void) const
virtual bool is_function (void) const
virtual bool is_function_handle (void) const
virtual bool is_inline_function (void) const
virtual bool is_list (void) const
virtual bool is_magic_colon (void) const
virtual bool is_map (void) const
virtual bool is_matrix_type (void) const
virtual bool is_numeric_type (void) const
virtual bool is_range (void) const
virtual bool is_real_matrix (void) const
virtual bool is_real_nd_array (void) const
virtual bool is_real_scalar (void) const
virtual bool is_real_type (void) const
virtual bool is_scalar_type (void) const
virtual bool is_stream (void) const
virtual bool is_streamoff (void) const
virtual bool is_string (void) const
virtual bool is_true (void) const
bool is_undefined (void) const
virtual bool is_zero_by_zero (void) const
int length (void) const
virtual octave_value_list list_value (void) const
virtual bool load_ascii (std::istream &is)
virtual bool load_binary (std::istream &is, bool swap, oct_mach_info::float_format fmt)
virtual long int long_value (bool req_int=false, bool frc_str_conv=false) const
void make_unique (void)
virtual string_vector map_keys (void) const
virtual Octave_map map_value (void) const
virtual Matrix matrix_value (bool frc_str_conv=false) const
void maybe_mutate (void)
int ndims (void) const
octave_value_list next_subsref (int nargout, const std::string &type, const std::list< octave_value_list > &idx, size_t skip=1)
octave_value next_subsref (const std::string &type, const std::list< octave_value_list > &idx, size_t skip=1)
virtual int nint_value (bool frc_str_conv=false) const
virtual int numel (void) const
virtual type_conv_fcn numeric_conversion_function (void) const
 octave_value (short int i)
 octave_value (const charMatrix &chm, bool is_string=false)
 octave_value (const Octave_map &m)
 octave_value (int i)
 octave_value (const charNDArray &chnda, bool is_string=false)
 octave_value (octave_time t)
 octave_value (const ColumnVector &v)
 octave_value (const octave_int8 &i)
 octave_value (const int64NDArray &inda)
 octave_value (long int i)
 octave_value (const octave_int16 &i)
 octave_value (bool b)
 octave_value (const octave_int32 &i)
 octave_value (double d)
 octave_value (const Complex &C)
 octave_value (const octave_int64 &i)
 octave_value (const ComplexMatrix &m)
 octave_value (double base, double limit, double inc)
 octave_value (const octave_uint8 &i)
 octave_value (const ArrayN< octave_value > &a, bool is_cs_list=false)
 octave_value (const octave_uint16 &i)
 octave_value (const ComplexNDArray &cnda)
 octave_value (const octave_uint32 &i)
 octave_value (unsigned int i)
 octave_value (const boolMatrix &bm)
 octave_value (const ArrayN< Complex > &m)
 octave_value (const octave_uint64 &i)
 octave_value (const int16NDArray &inda)
 octave_value (const Cell &c, bool is_cs_list=false)
 octave_value (const int32NDArray &inda)
 octave_value (const ComplexRowVector &v)
 octave_value (const uint64NDArray &inda)
 octave_value (const uint8NDArray &inda)
 octave_value (const ArrayN< char > &chnda, bool is_string=false)
 octave_value (const int8NDArray &inda)
 octave_value (const Matrix &m)
 octave_value (const ComplexColumnVector &v)
 octave_value (const uint32NDArray &inda)
 octave_value (const RowVector &v)
 octave_value (const NDArray &nda)
 octave_value (const ComplexDiagMatrix &d)
 octave_value (const uint16NDArray &inda)
 octave_value (const octave_stream &s, int n)
 octave_value (const boolNDArray &bnda)
 octave_value (const Range &r)
 octave_value (unsigned long int i)
 octave_value (const std::string &s)
 octave_value (const DiagMatrix &d)
 octave_value (octave_value *new_rep, int count=1)
 octave_value (const char *s)
 octave_value (octave_value::magic_colon)
 octave_value (const streamoff_array &off)
 octave_value (const ArrayN< double > &m)
 octave_value (const octave_value_list &m, bool is_cs_list=false)
 octave_value (char c)
 octave_value (octave_value::all_va_args)
 octave_value (unsigned short int i)
 octave_value (const octave_value &a)
 octave_value (const string_vector &s)
octave_valueoperator= (const octave_value &a)
virtual octave_value permute (const Array< int > &vec, bool inv=false) const
virtual void print (std::ostream &os, bool pr_as_read_syntax=false) const
virtual bool print_as_scalar (void) const
virtual void print_info (std::ostream &os, const std::string &prefix=std::string()) const
virtual bool print_name_tag (std::ostream &os, const std::string &name) const
virtual void print_raw (std::ostream &os, bool pr_as_read_syntax=false) const
void print_with_name (std::ostream &os, const std::string &name, bool print_padding=true) const
virtual Range range_value (void) const
virtual octave_value reshape (const dim_vector &dv) const
virtual octave_value resize (const dim_vector &dv) const
RowVector row_vector_value (bool frc_str_conv=false, bool frc_vec_conv=false) const
int rows (void) const
virtual bool save_ascii (std::ostream &os, bool &infnan_warned, bool strip_nan_and_inf)
virtual bool save_binary (std::ostream &os, bool &save_as_floats)
virtual double scalar_value (bool frc_str_conv=false) const
virtual short int short_value (bool req_int=false, bool frc_str_conv=false) const
octave_value single_subsref (const std::string &type, const octave_value_list &idx)
virtual octave_value squeeze (void) const
virtual int stream_number (void) const
virtual octave_stream stream_value (void) const
virtual streamoff_array streamoff_array_value (void) const
virtual std::streamoff streamoff_value (void) const
virtual std::string string_value (bool force=false) const
virtual octave_value subsasgn (const std::string &type, const std::list< octave_value_list > &idx, const octave_value &rhs)
virtual octave_value subsref (const std::string &type, const std::list< octave_value_list > &idx)
virtual octave_value_list subsref (const std::string &type, const std::list< octave_value_list > &idx, int nargout)
virtual octave_valuetry_narrowing_conversion (void)
virtual int type_id (void) const
virtual std::string type_name (void) const
virtual uint16NDArray uint16_array_value (void) const
virtual octave_uint16 uint16_scalar_value (void) const
virtual uint32NDArray uint32_array_value (void) const
virtual octave_uint32 uint32_scalar_value (void) const
virtual uint64NDArray uint64_array_value (void) const
virtual octave_uint64 uint64_scalar_value (void) const
virtual uint8NDArray uint8_array_value (void) const
virtual octave_uint8 uint8_scalar_value (void) const
virtual unsigned int uint_value (bool req_int=false, bool frc_str_conv=false) const
virtual unsigned long int ulong_value (bool req_int=false, bool frc_str_conv=false) const
virtual octave_user_functionuser_function_value (bool silent=false)
virtual unsigned short int ushort_value (bool req_int=false, bool frc_str_conv=false) const
virtual bool valid_as_scalar_index (void) const
virtual bool valid_as_zero_index (void) const
Array< double > vector_value (bool frc_str_conv=false, bool frc_vec_conv=false) const
virtual int write (octave_stream &os, int block_size, oct_data_conv::data_type output_type, int skip, oct_mach_info::float_format flt_fmt) const

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string assign_op_as_string (assign_op)
static std::string binary_op_as_string (binary_op)
static octave_value empty_conv (const std::string &type, const octave_value &rhs=octave_value())
static std::string unary_op_as_string (unary_op)

Protected Member Functions

int current_print_indent_level (void) const
void decrement_indent_level (void) const
void increment_indent_level (void) const
void indent (std::ostream &os) const
void newline (std::ostream &os) const
octave_value numeric_assign (const std::string &type, const std::list< octave_value_list > &idx, const octave_value &rhs)
 octave_value (const octave_xvalue &)
void reset (void) const
void reset_indent_level (void) const

Protected Attributes

union {
   int   count
   octave_value *   rep

Private Member Functions

nil_rep (void) const
binary_op op_eq_to_binary_op (assign_op op)
assign_op unary_op_to_assign_op (unary_op op)

Static Private Attributes

static bool beginning_of_line = true
static int curr_print_indent_level = 0


octave_value do_binary_op (binary_op op, const octave_value &a, const octave_value &b)
octave_value do_cat_op (const octave_value &a, const octave_value &b, const Array< int > &ra_idx)
octave_value do_unary_op (unary_op op, const octave_value &a)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 96 of file ov.h.

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